Ron & Kristi — October 24, 2009

The fine folks at Applemoon have put together a lovely slide show of photos from our shoot earlier this month. As a Sinatra fan, I thought the sound track was a nice touch since it’s also the title of this web site.

We’ve gotta narrow it down to about 20 pictures for our album, and that’s not going to be easy! So many of them turned out beautifully that it’ll be a shame to pick only 20. Oh well — that’s certainly better than the alternative!

If you have any favorites, let us know.

The photographers commented many times on how they could have spent all day out there on the ramp because airplanes present so many interesting photographic possibilities.

You can see from the slide show that they took advantage of many of these options. Wings, struts, cabanes, flying wires, chromed spinners, gull-wing doors, and all sorts of funky curves throughout the fuselage. We ran out of time long before they ran out of ideas. The fact that they don’t spend all their time around aircraft probably let them come to the shoot with a fresh perspective, whereas I see the aircraft every day, so I overlook many of the details they immediately noticed.

Again, many thanks to Michael & Maren for the great work!

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  • Comment by Harald Woelfl

    Hi Ron!
    Discovered your wonderful Website-searching CESSNA 150 foto to send my aviation brother Herbert.
    Perhaps you´ve met?
    Will send him link…

    Glad I took a moment to explore some of your website!
    Engagement Slide Show with Frank Sinatra singing was a master composition;like none I’ve ever seen. 7-STARS!

    A belated congratulations to Kristi and you!
    My very best wishes for a Safe & Healthy Holiday Season 2009.

    Best regards.

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